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Water Chilling Plant Manufacturer In China

We are the designer and manufacturer of water chilling plant that are suited for various industries. As a water chilling plant manufacturer, we serve numerous industries and have provided the equipment that small to large-scale industries rely on for their numerous processes. We currently serve industries such as plastic processing, lubricant and oil cooling, plating and anoding, air-conditioning, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing.

We employ cutting edge technology as water chilling plant manufacturer. This has enabled us to provide high-quality and efficient products that are also reliable. The products we offer include air cooled and water cooled chilling plant. We provide a range of cooling capacities from 1 tons to 350 tons.

When you choose a water chilling plant, you can get a mobile and compact equipment. This is a space-saving solution for those installations that have minimal available space. The unit itself is easy to install with low maintenance involved.

Our water chilling plant is highly efficient; it uses the lowest power consumption (as long as you have selected the right size for your needs). Every unit is designed to match the customer’s specification based on the intended use. It offers low noise running condition and comes with variable control settings.

As the top water chilling plant manufacturer, we give you maximum control over your use of this unit. You can access a control panel with visual function & fault indicator. You can also adjust the high or low pressure gauge. It is equipped with a miniature circuit breaker system for emergency purposes.

You can also have our water chilling plant integrated with a housing unit. The housing is designed so as to provide easy access to all of the key components of the plant itself. This will help protect your water chilling plant from the elements to make it last longer.

In terms of performance, the primary functions of the unit are easily accessible. There is also a visual indicator for each component to make it easier to adjust them as needed. It is also equipped with a shell and tube heat exchanger.

Our clients can choose from a distinct range of sizes and models. As a top water chilling plant manufacturer, we are able to cater to a broad range of usage depending on your industry.

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