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Small Water Chiller

Small Water Chiller

GESON Small Chiller

Specially Developed for Fiber Laser Equipment

Stable And Reliable Performance

Laboratory Testing in Factory

Two-year Free Maintenance

Accurately Compatible With All Brands of Lasers

Our History:

Geson Chiller Has Over 10 Years of Experience in Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturing.

Geson Chiller Has a Professional R&D Engineering Team and a National-level Test Laboratory.

Owned Top-level Advanced Manufacturing Equipment and CNC Machining Center, Computer Numerical Control Punch and Bending Machine, Automatic Welding Machine.

Geson Chiller has been the leading industrial water chiller manufacturers in China.

Our Products:

Geson chiller is focused on Industrial/Commercial Refrigeration Equipment HVACR systems, Supply Industrial Process Cooling Solutions, and Commercial HVAC Solutions.

Capacity from 2 Tons~4000 Tons, and Temperature From -160℃~30℃, Complete Full Product Series

Our Service:

Answer Within 30 Minutes to Respond,

2 Hours to Give A Solution,

48 Hours to Get A Return Call.

Ensure You Get the Best Water Chiller Working Performance.

Main Products

Small Water Chiller System


GS1000MN Mini Chiller
Voltage & Frequency 1p 220V @ 50hz
Current 10.5A
Machine power 2.3kw
Application environment working temperature≯45℃&≯95%RH
Tempe. control accuracy ±1℃
Cooling capacity 3150w
Electric heating power 650w(Normal Ambient Temp)
Refrigerant R410a
Rated flow of water pump 2m³/h
Max.pump lift 27M
Pump power 0.37kw
Tank volume 13L
Laser nozzle interface φ12mm Quick connector
Cutting head nozzle interface φ10mm Quick connector
Machine weight 55KG
Machine size 580*490*860mm(L*W*H)
Packing dimensions 630*560*950mm(L*W*H)

Functional characteristics

Efficiency and environmental protection;

Double temperature controls;

Flow & over temperature alarm;

Thermal protection of compressor;

Leakage protection device.

Recommended matching 1kw Continuous fiber laser
Small Water  Chiller 5~35℃
Precision Chiller 5~35℃
Laser Chiller 5~35℃
Split Chiller 5~35℃
Enhanced Chiller 5~80℃


* Analytical instruments: electron microscope, spectrometer, mass spectrometer, viscometer, polarimeter, diffractometer.

* Vacuum acquisition and medical treatment: cooling blanket, X-ray machine, nuclear magnetic resonance, accelerator.

* Industrial equipment and others: laser equipment, vacuum coating equipment, biopharmaceuticals, molds, machine tools, vacuum furnaces, welding machines.

Our Manufacturing

Excellence Quality is Our Principle

Sheet Metal Bending Machie

Sheet Metal Bending Machie

Automatic Copper Pipe Machine

Water Chiller Heat Exchanging Welding

Water Chiller Heat Exchanging Welding

Finned Heat Exchanger Welding

Finned Heat Exchanger Welding

Water Chiller Testing Labritary

Water Chiller Testing Labritary

The Complete Guide on Small Water Chillers

What is a Small Water Chiller?

A small water chiller is a device that cools water and provides it to buildings with high cooling demands.

A small water chiller is a device that cools water and provides it to buildings with high cooling demands.

They are typically used in commercial buildings, such as office buildings and hotels, but they are also used in residential homes.

Small Water Chiller hydroponics

Small Water Chiller hydroponics

What is the Purpose of an Aquarium Small Chiller?

An aquarium chiller is a device that cools the water in an aquarium.

They are usually used in saltwater tanks, but they can also be used to cool freshwater tanks.

A chiller is needed when the temperature of the water exceeds the desired temperature.

There are two types of chillers: external and internal.

External chillers come with an external pump and tubing, while internal chillers are installed inside of the tank.

Mini Chiller for Aquarium

Mini Chiller for Aquarium

How Can You Benefit From a Small Chiller?

A small chiller is a great investment for someone who is looking to make their aquarium more comfortable for their fish.

They can help to maintain the temperature of your aquarium, and make sure that your fish are always in a healthy environment.

There are many benefits to buying a small chiller, such as:

-It will save you money on electricity bills.

-It will help maintain the temperature of your tank.

-It will keep your fish happy and healthy.

Small Water Chiller hydroponics

Small Water Chiller hydroponics

5 Things to Consider when Buying a Water Chiller

1. What is the size of your water chiller?

2. What is the power of your water chiller?

3. How much are you willing to spend on a water chiller?

4. How often will you use your water chiller?

5. Where will you place your water chiller?

Small Water Chiller Hydroponics

Small Water Chiller Hydroponics

How To Choose The Right Portable Air Conditioner

Choosing the right portable air conditioner for your office is not an easy task.

It is important to keep in mind the space, power, and size requirements of the unit before you make your purchase.

The first thing you need to consider is the space where you plan on placing the unit.

If it’s a small room, then a small unit will do just fine.

If it’s a large room, then you’ll need a larger unit that can provide enough cooling for everyone in the room.

Next, think about how much power you’ll need from your air conditioner and what size of AC you’ll need to cool that space effectively.

The amount of power needed will depend on how large your office is and what type of AC you buy (i.e., window AC or central AC).

Small Chiller

Small Chiller

The climate control unit will need to be connected to a power source.

This could be either a plug-in or wall outlet.

There is no cost for installation, but the company would need to provide an area for the unit and install it.

6 Tips For Choosing the Best Recirculating Chiller

Choosing the best recirculating chiller for your commercial refrigeration equipment is not a simple task.

There are many factors to consider, such as space, power, and airflow.

Here are six tips for choosing the best recirculating chiller for your specific needs.

1) Decide on your space requirements – Do you need a small or large unit?

2) Determine your power requirements – How much will you be running this unit continuously?

3) Consider the airflow required – Will it be in an enclosed cabinet or in an open area?

4) Choose between single-stage or multi-stage units – Single-stage units are cheaper and more energy efficient but they don’t cool as well as multi-stage units.

5) Look at the costs – The price of a chiller varies by size and power requirements, so compare the prices from different brands.

6) Consider where it will be mounted – Keep in mind that some areas have higher concentrations of humidity than others, so choose a unit specifically for the location where it will be mounted.

The single-stage vs multi-stage debate centers around

How Much Does a Portable Water Chiller Cost?

A portable water chiller is a great investment for those who want to save money on their cooling bills.

It is also a good option for those who want to start up their own business and sell chilled water.

Some companies offer portable chillers for sale and there are many models that can be found on the market. The prices depend on the size of the unit, but they range from $500 to $1,000.

A small chiller price ranges from $500 to $1,000 depending on the size of the unit.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Recirculating Chiller For Your Needs

The recirculating chiller is a device that is used to cool and control the temperature of a specific area.

It can be used in many different applications, but it is most commonly found in commercial refrigeration systems.

The main components of a recirculating chiller are the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and cooling tower.

The cost of a recirculating chiller will depend on the size of the system you need, but they can range from $5k-$30k.