Project Description

GST Crossflow Water Tower

Geson Water Cooling Tower

Geson cross flow water cooling tower is an energy-saving device, it connectes to the water-cooled chiller. Also can be used separately.

Geson water tower has cross flow and counter flow water tower types.

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Crossflow type water tower is made from glass fiber plastics. Reliable and long working life.

The cross glow type tower is an open type, has a bottle shape.

Adopt the patent fan, big volume, and low noise.

Closed scroll motor, waterproof and long working life.

  • Ranges from 3~1500m³/h water flow rate.
  • Motor power for cooling tower: 0.25kw-30kw.
  • Water collector Material: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP)
  • Working condition: wet bulb temperature 27~29℃
  • Easy to installation and maintenance.
  • Fully support on the installation guide.

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