The steps of cold storage installation

The cold storage is currently the most ideal refrigeration storage equipment. The market demand is very large. Many friends also want to install the cold storage themselves. Today I will help you sort out the specific steps of the cold storage installation. Take many detours.

  1. Cold storage planning
  2. What size should the cold storage be built
  3. What is the purpose of the cold storage
  4. Where is the cold storage construction site
  5. What is the cargo stored in the cold storage and how many degrees is the temperature set in the cold storage?

Second, the cold storage design plan

After the customer finds the cold storage builder, he informs his needs. After the cold storage builder sends an engineer or technical colleague to communicate with the client in detail, he will design a reasonable plan after on-site confirmation, including: determination of the refrigeration system, warehouse layout, materials, equipment, Reasonable configuration of accessories, electric control, temperature control configuration, etc.

Three, cold storage installation

Enter the construction site, according to the construction drawings, verify the implementation of the work, determine the installation location of the equipment (storage body, drainage door, evaporator, host, condenser, control system, etc.).

Level the floor first, then install the floor, choose a beautiful floor in a conspicuous place, and make the floor and evaporator drainage system. The floor is installed flat, the floor is leveled with material, and the hooks between the plates are locked to achieve a flat surface and no hollow feeling.

Select a corner according to the site conditions and position it (that is, the vertical board is locked with the floor). This angle extends to both sides. Only the vertical board and the vertical board are locked. When the vertical corner is encountered, the beautiful board is positioned. When it is placed in a conspicuous place and installed on the side of the evaporator, the drainage pipe is made in advance. U-bends and silicone are required outside the warehouse.

After understanding the installation specifications of the cold storage, you also need to understand the equipment installation specifications and the connection of the refrigeration system. You must master these three aspects before you can master the entire process of cold storage installation.

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