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GESON Water-cooled Chillers

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Ranges from 3ton~4400ton, chilled water temperature from -140℃~30℃,

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water cooled screw chiller 30RT~4000RT
  • Ranges from 100TON~4500TONS.
  • Famous Leading Screw Compressor Brands;
  • Stable Operating Performance;
water cooled chiller system 127℃
  • Customize for the Customer’s Requirements;
  • One-stop Solution and Service;
  • Ranges from 100ton~4400ton Cooling Capacity.
water cooled scroll chiller
  • Ranges from 3Ton~180Ton;
  • Famous Leading Scroll Compressors;
  • Built-in Water Tanks and Water Pumps.

Why Choose GESON Water-cooled Chillers?

Are you looking for reliable water-cooled chillers manufacturing in China? GESON water-cooled chillers include a water-cooled chiller system, water-cooled screw chiller, water-cooled scroll chiller, and other types of water chillers. Professional manufacturing for your need, adopts the famous branded compressors, and PLC controllers, high COP efficiency heat exchangers, can be widely applied in the industrial processing refrigeration and commercial HVAC system, We also have our own experienced R&D team to ensure you get the best reliable and precise design.

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GESON Water-cooled Chiller-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking for the water cooled chiller expert in China? GesonChiller is one of the leading water-cooled chillers manufacturers, offers you the wide range cooling capacity 3ton~4500ton, also gives you the best support and service.

GesonChiller exports to countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.

What is a Water-cooled Chiller?

A Water-cooled chiller is industrial refrigeration equipment, it uses water as the secondary refrigerant, remove the heating from some processing, or machinery.

Water-cooled chillers have a cooling tower, is more efficient than air-cooled chillers.

Generally, water-cooled water chillers are smaller than air-cooled ones and, therefore, occupy less space. This makes them great for indoor placement.

Figure 1 Water-cooled Chiller

Figure 1: Water-cooled Chiller

They are also typically longer lasting than air-cooled chillers.

What are the Advantages of Water-cooled Chillers?

Water-cooled chillers have multiple advantages.

Their top advantages include the fact that they generally last longer than air-cooled chillers, and that they are quieter than air-cooled chillers.

Moreover, they typically have a small footprint.

This makes them perfect for places where space is an issue.

Water-cooled chillers are more energy-efficient than air-cooled chillers.

They are also safer to use because they do not utilize toxic chemicals.

What are the Applications of Water-cooled Chillers?

Water-cooled chiller system have multiple applications.

Essentially any industrial process that generates a lot of heat needs a chiller.

There are water-cooled water chiller for laser machines, waterjet cutting machines, and metal finishing machines.

There are water-cooled water chiller plastic processing factories and breweries.

They are for processes that generate a lot of heat. Water-cooled water chillers is to cool the processes.

Chillers are also for cooling in hydroponics, hotels, food processing industries, massive government buildings, wineries, and medical centers. In hotels, they are used to cool pools and hotel rooms.


What is the Difference between Air-Cooled and Water-cooled Chillers?

Air-cooled and water-cooled chillers are largely the same in terms of components.

The biggest difference between the two types of coolers, air-cooled chillers uses air for chilling, while water ones use water.

If you do not know whether to choose air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, here is a statement that will help you out:

Water-cooled chillers are generally more efficient, more durable, and less noisy than air-cooled chillers.

What types of Water-cooled Chiller Systems are Available?

There are two main types of chillers on the market – air-cooled chillers and water-cooled water chillers.

The most common and most efficient chiller systems are water-cooled chiller systems.

All water-cooled chillers have the very same four basic components, which is a refrigeration cycle purposes.

The four components are an expansion unit, a condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator.

Probably the most important part is the compressor. Without it, refrigeration would be impossible.

Four types of compressors exist on the market.

They include centrifugal, reciprocating, scroll, and screw-driven compressors.

The most popular is water-cooled screw chiller, water-cooled scroll chillers.

Water-cooled screw chillers use the semi-hermetic screw compressors.

Water-cooled scroll chillers use the closed scroll compressors.

A water-cooled chiller system with a centrifugal compressor is a centrifugal chiller or a water-cooled centrifugal chiller system.

What Cooling Capacity of the Water-cooled Chillers?

The water-cooled chiller cooling capacity can range from 10ton~4500ton.

From small water cooled chiller, water-cooled portable chiller to big water-cooled chiller.

The most popular cooling capacity is a 10ton water-cooled chiller, 100ton water-cooled chiller, 200ton water-cooled chiller, 500ton water chillers.

What temperature can achieve with a Water-cooled Chiller?

Water-cooled screw chillers can achieve to -45℃ outlet temperature.

The water-cooled scroll chiller can achieve to -35℃.

Your any required temperature, we can meet it.

What are the Components of a Water-cooled Chiller?

All quality water-cooled chillers have four main water-cooled chiller parts.

An expansion unit, a condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator.

In addition to these four units. All industrial chillers come with a refrigerant.

How Does a Water-cooled Chiller System Work?

A water-cooled chiller system uses water and the refrigeration cycle to achieve cooling.

In other words, it helps to cool your machines or room.

How a typical GesonChiller water-cooled chiller system would work.

The cooling process cools down the water from the evaporator, once the refrigerant gets to the important part of the refrigeration cycle.

Then, a pumping machine will circulate it from the chiller system to the process.

Because the water is cool, it will absorb heat from the process and become warm, then it returns to the chiller.

So the water is the secondary refrigerant, water-cooled chiller systems remove heat from processes or rooms, achieving cooling.

Does a water-cooled chiller need a water-cooling tower?

Yes, you should also use a water-cooling tower.

Besides, you also need a water-cooling pump, water cooling pipes for the condensing system.

What Kind of Water is used in a Water-cooled Chiller?

The two most common types of water in water-cooled chillers are plain water and glycol-water solution.

Both types of water have their own pros and cons.

Sometimes specific oils are used to cool processes in very special circumstances.

Plain water is regarded as an economical and efficient cooling liquid. It does not have minerals.

The most preferred “water”, however, is the glycol-water solution.

Glycol is a coolant making the glycol-water solution very efficient.

This solution also doesn’t freeze easily.

This makes it appropriate for locations where freeze protection is necessary.

What is a Sea Water Cooled Chiller?

If your site near to the seaside, and sea water is available.

You can use the sea water as chilled water.

The sea water is salty, so it will need a special design evaporator heat exchanger.

It will help reduce the operating cost for factory manufacturing.

How to Design the Whole Water Chiller Cooling System?

Designing a water chiller cooling system requires knowledge of several things.

First, it requires engineering knowledge.

You need to know what components and their sizes and design.

Second, it requires knowledge of the application.

You cannot design a water chiller cooling system without having the exact application in mind.

The application could be building cooling, process cooling, or machine cooling.

Once you know the application, you can estimate the quantity of cooling capacity, select the right compressor.

Lastly, you need to know the chiller standards in your country.

The standards usually focus on energy performance, refrigerant.

Many countries will only allow the selling or importation of highly energy-efficient water chillers.

Since it is difficult for ordinary people to know about all the above.

You need to talk to an expert when designing a water chiller system.

Geson is one of the best professional water cooled chillers manufacturers in China.

Communicate with us via our contact page to talk to experts.

How to Size a Water-cooled Chiller?

The chiller size you need depends on various factors.

First, you to get the right water-cooled chiller size.

Include flow rate, incoming water temperature, and desired water temperature after cooling.

To know exactly the type of sizing you need, you should contact our team.

The team has successfully helped multiple clients to find the right size chiller for various applications.

How to Calculate the Water Chiller Cooling Capacity?

Calculating the cooling capacity of a water chiller is a complicated exercise.

However, do not worry. You do not need to do it on your own.

You can simply contact us.

One of our engineers will recommend a suitable size, design water-cooled water chiller for your needs.

They will simply ask you a few questions and then do the necessary calculations, find out which one among our chillers is the best for your situation.

What types size of water cooled chiller?

There are small water cooled chiller, water cooled portable chiller, large water cooled chiller. 

For example 10 ton water cooled chiller, 100 ton water cooled chiller, 1000 ton water cooled chiller.

How to Choose a Water-cooled Chiller?

There are several things you need to consider to choose the perfect water-cooled chiller.

The things include the heat loading you expect the machine to handle.

The temperature you desire, the flow rate, the coolant type, the installation area, the power characteristics, the footprint, the control options, and so on.

Probably the most important thing to consider is the heat load that you need to handle.

Once you determine it, you will know how big a chiller you need.

However, it is not. Talk to a member of our team today to get the right water-cooled chiller for the application you have in mind.

How to Select the Water Chiller Compressor?

Four types of compressors exist on the market.

They are centrifugal, reciprocating, scroll, and screw-driven compressors. All these four processors have their pros and cons.

The very best compressor for most uses is the screw compressor. This is because it is efficient and works very well.

What types are there Water-cooled Chiller?

There are water-cooled screw chillers and water-cooled scroll chillers.

If the cooling capacity is big, you can choose a water-cooled screw chiller.

If the cooling capacity is small and easy for installation, you can choose the water-cooled scroll chillers.

What is the Difference between a Water-cooled Chiller and a Condenser?

Comparing a water-cooled chiller and a condenser is like comparing apples to oranges.

The two are not on the same level to be compared. They are different.

Most water-cooled chiller systems have a condenser component.

This component is important because it is needed for the refrigeration cycle.

So the relationship between a water-cooled chiller and a condenser is that one is part of the other.

How to Communicate with the Water Chiller Engineer?

There are several ways to contact and communicate with a GesonChiller water chiller engineer.

You can by email, WhatsApp, Linkedin and phone number.

Email inquiries are usually feedback within 24 hours, while WhatsApp inquiries are often answered within minutes or hours.

Visit our contact page to find out our email address, phone number, and WhatsApp number.

What is the MOQ for Water Chiller?

MOQ stands for minimum order quantity.

GesonChiller MOQ is one set.

You can order one or any number of water chillers you want. Simply get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.

How Long Does GesonChiller take to Deliver Chillers?

Our machines usually take several weeks to reach the customer.

The number of weeks depends on the customer location, the customer requirements, and shipping variables.

To get to know exactly how soon you can expect a GesonChiller chiller, please communicate with us via our contact page.

But wherever you are, you can trust that we will do our best to deliver the chiller you need as soon as possible.

What type of Maintenance Does a Water-cooled Chiller System Need?

Water-cooled chillers are big and complex systems.

They need regular maintenance to work effectively.

They also need regular maintenance to last long.

All GesonChiller water-cooled chillers come with manuals, allow you to use them properly for long.

They also come with other instructions.

The paperwork they come with will enable you to use them and maintain them properly so that they can serve you for a long time.

What Aftersales Services Does GesonChiller Provide?

GesonChiller provides multiple aftersales services.

The services ensure customers get exactly what they expect.

Include maximum support to ensure the equipment works for a very long time.

How to Build a Water Chiller?

It is very difficult to build a water chiller.

This is because water chillers are complex, have multiple components

The main components include the compressor and the cooling tower.

If without water chiller refrigeration engineering know-how can be inefficient and unsafe.

If you need a water chiller, purchase one from GesonChiller.

Our chillers are high-quality machines made by professional engineers.

They are guaranteed to work for a long time.

They are also safe to use because their quality meets the highest safety standards.

How to Test the Water Chiller?

First, you need to make sure everything is ready as a manual document.

You also need to make sure that electricity is properly ok.

Once you do this, you need to switch on the water chiller.

When the water chiller cooling system is providing the cooling temperature you expect.

You will know everything is working correctly.

Our GesonChiller chillers have screens that show various aspects of performance.

And immediately show how your chiller is performing.

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