Project Description

FW series flooded water cooled screw chiller

FW flooded water cooled screw chiller is with high reliable screw compressor, high efficiency flooded heat exchanger and low oil level position protection to eradicate the compressor work without oil and ensured heat exchange pipe without film thermal resistance, increased the heat transfer efficiency, make sure the compressor can return oil in part load and full load. All our product is tested by laboratory to ensure the quality.

Cooling capacity:

  • 200KW~1200KW/ 60RT~350RT cooling capacity;
  • 5C~20 C Chilled water temperature
  • Available with R22/R134A/R407C/R410A and etc.
  • Customized requirement.


  • World-brand contactors, thermal relays, thermal protections, expansion valve, pressure controller, filter to ensure the reliability of the unit;
  • Adopt flooded dedicated compressor, efficient heat exchanger, efficient secondary oil separator, making the unit has a strong adaptability and high efficiency;
  • The screw compressor has part load function, reduce the operating cost.
  • SIEMENS PLC control technology, and electronic expansion valves to control the precise sensitivity, can provide multi-segment and step adjustment method for your choice;
  • The chiller can be fully automatic operation, multi-joint control, remote control and easily connect to the building automation systems, the unit display has both Chinese and English for your choice;

Water cooled chiller ( 5~20℃ ) specification:

Cooling capacity kw 222 353 529 722 863 946 1134
Compressor power kw 39 60 90 118 138 153 180
Running current A 67 102 153 202 236 261 307
Chilled water flow m3/h 38 61 91 124 148 163 195
Weight kg 1420 2120 2800 3550 3900 4550 4700

In industrial application, chilled water or other liquid from the chiller is pumped through process or laboratory equipment. Industrial chillers are used for controlled cooling of products, mechanisms and factory machinery in a wide range of industries. They are often used in the plastic industries, injection and blow molding, metal working cutting oils, welding equipment, die-casting and machine tooling, chemical processing, pharmaceutical formulation, food and beverage processing, paper and cement processing, vacuum systems, X-ray diffraction, power supplies and power generation stations, analytical equipment, semiconductors, compressed air and gas cooling. They are also used to cool high-heat specialized items such as MRI machines and lasers, and in hospitals, hotels and campuses.

Chilled water is used to cool and dehumidify air in mid- to large-size commercial, industrial, and institutional (CII) facilities. Water chillers can be water-cooled, air-cooled, or evaporatively cooled. Water-cooled chillers incorporate the use of cooling towers which improve the chillers’ thermodynamic effectiveness as compared to air-cooled chillers. This is due to heat rejection at or near the air’s wet-bulb temperature rather than the higher, sometimes much higher, dry-bulb temperature. Evaporatively cooled chillers offer higher efficiencies than air-cooled chillers but lower than water-cooled chillers.

Widely Applications:

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical processing
  • Injection Molding machine
  • Blowing Molding machine
  • Plastic extruding machine;
  • Food and beverage processing Industry,;
  • Chemical Industry;
  • Central Air-Conditioner and etc.
  • Cold storage room