Project Description

Air terminal devices fan coils, has high-quality controls for efficient operation, and the flexibility construction assure easy installation and service.

There are ceiling concealed, ceiling mounted, concealed vertical, vertical mounted, ceiling cassette, and big wind volume types to meet different requirements.

Capacity: 1.8kw-14kw

  • Air-flow volume: 250CFM-1200CFM
  • Electric power supply: 220V/1Ph/50Hz
  • The motor is three-speed fixed packet, imported precision ball bearings, without refueling, it is self-lubricating, low noise and long life operating.
  • It is easy to install and service.
  • Ceiling mounted fan coil units can directly lifting install on the ceiling.

Fan coil unit is referred to as fan coil. It is one of the terminal units of an air conditioning system consisting of a small fan, a motor and a coil (air heat exchanger). When the chilled water or hot water flows through the coil tube, it exchanges heat with the air outside the tube, so that the air is cooled, dehumidified or heated to adjust the indoor air parameters. It is a commonly used cooling and heating end device.