Explosion-proof Chiller Unit

GESON Customized Explosion-Proof Chiller Unit Acquires Large-scale Chemical Projects to Safeguard Production Safety    ▼Why should chemical plants use explosion-proof Chiller Unit? ▼    In important industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical, coal, textile, food processing, and military industries, because of the possible presence of flammable and explosive gases at their production sites, the production equipment used in these sites may detonate explosive gases if electric sparks or high temperatures are present. , Resulting in an explosion accident, which will have serious consequences such as casualties, damage to plant and equipment.  Therefore, electrical equipment used in explosive gas environments must be explosion-proofed and certified accordingly. Explosion-proof air conditioners Chiller Unit are [...]

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How to select the buffer tank size?

In the air heating pump system, how to select the buffer tank? Selection of buffer tank size 1. buffer water tank capacity = water required for system stabilization-actual system water. First calculate the amount of water required for system stabilization, and set it to M1, then M1 = QT / (C △ T), where Q is the unit's heating capacity unit is KW; T ​​is the defrost time, the unit is second, and C is the specific heat capacity of water , Take 4.187, △ T is the maximum allowable drop in water temperature, take 3 ℃. The actual water volume of the system = the water capacity per meter of [...]

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Why use a buffer tank in the air heat pump heating/cooling system?

The function of the buffer tank 1. If the buffer water tank is not used, the water chiller will frequently start and stop. Due to the limited amount of circulating water in the loop, it will cause the water chiller to reach the design temperature in a short period of time, and the water chiller will stop working, and then within a short period of time, the water temperature will reach the start condition of the host, and the host will start again. Startup, so frequent startup will greatly reduce the life of the host and waste power. Not only the buffer tank is needed, but the capacity of the tank [...]

Ice Rink Chillers Project

Artificial Real Ice Rink chiller,  Real Ice Rink chiller, Skating Rink  chiller,Mobile Ice Rink chiller Our company can provide Ice Rink chiller,  and ice rink project planning, design, construction, and maintenance services according to customer requirements (ice rink area 100 to 1800 square meters, ice rink cooling capacity (50 ~ 900KW). The project includes civil engineering, waterproofing, anti-freezing, moisture-proofing, heat insulation, guardrails, frozen ice, defogging constant temperature, machine room construction, etc.,  also produces refrigeration hosts chiller and dehumidifiers dedicated to ice rinks, and can provide one-stop system solutions for ice rink operations. Real ice rink chiller: Adopt imported high-efficiency compressors, economical semi-closed twin-screw compressors, German Bitzer / Taiwan Hanbell, high energy [...]

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Chemical chiller

The chemical chiller can provide low-temperature cooling water, reduce the temperature of the chemical machinery. The process is to provide cooling water circulation, maintain its long-term operation. Therefore, chemical chillers have been widely used in the chemical industry. In each chemical industry, there are also different names, mainly chemical coolers, chemical reactor coolers, reaction tank coolers, etc. Application of chemical chiller in chemical mechanical cooling: 1. Low-boiling organics have rapid condensation, in the chemical reaction, the chemical chiller can precisely control the temperature; 2. The chemical chillers can largely determine the quality, output and cost of chemical products; 3. In the reactor kettle, the biochemical reaction needs to maintain low temperature [...]