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Our History:

Geson Chiller has over 10 years of experience in Industrial Water Cooler manufacturing. Geson Water Cooler Has a rich professional R&D engineering team and a national-level test laboratory. Owned top-level advanced manufacturing equipment and CNC machining center, computer numerical control punch and bending machine, automatic welding machine.

Geson Chiller has been the leading industrial water chiller manufacturers in China.

Our Products:

Geson chiller is focused on Industrial/Commercial Refrigeration Equipment HVACR systems, Supply Industrial Process Cooling Solutions, and Commercial HVAC Solutions.

Capacity from 2 Tons~4000 Tons, and Temperature From -160℃~30℃, Complete Full Water Cooler Product Series

Our Customers:

Our Customers Come from Various Industries and Commercial facilities.

Pharmaceutical clean room, Chemical industry, Plastic Injection, and Extruding Molding Industry, Artificial Real Ice Rink Projects, Environmental Simulation Laboratory, Computer Server Room, Telecommunications Stations, Food and Beverage Processing Cooling, Cold Storage Room, Die casting, Rubber, Printing and many other Industries. Hotel, Swimming Pool, Hospital Heating Water Supply System, House Heat Water System, and other Heat Pump Projects.

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Industrial Water Cooler

Industrial Water Cooler

Industrial Chillers

Industrial Chillers

Water Chiller System-45~25℃

All Types of Industrial Water Cooler Products

Modular Air Chiller

Modular Air Chiller

Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump

Water Source Heat Pump

Water Source Heat Pump

Water Tower

Water Cooling Tower

Chiller AC

Air Coditioning Chiller

Advantages of Geson Industrial Water Cooler

 Geson Chiller offers more than 15 years of experience in the chiller manufacturing industry. We can supply you with chiller solution for every need – big or small.

In those years of experience, we have worked with a wide range of companies needing different chiller solutions for every application. We know how to calculate the cooling load requirement and the appropriate chiller size to meet your requirements. If you have any questions about choosing the right system for the job, we can recommend the best solution.

The years of experience in the industry are a testament to the quality and reliability of our chillers. We have worked with numerous businesses and they depend on us to provide them with the best chiller solutions for their operation. It speaks to our longevity as a business and we hope to provide the same quality service to you and your business.

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Geson Chiller is your one-stop solution for all of your chiller needs. We have a wide range of products to choose from such as water cooled chiller, air cooled chiller, screw chiller, scroll chiller, HVAC chiller, industrial water chiller, process chiller, injection molding chiller, and heat pumps.

You do not need to look elsewhere because everything you need to build an efficient chiller system is right here. Our range of products ensures that we can cater to any industry and for any cooling need. We can provide you with a complete package that is ready for installation on your site. We can also customize the design of the chiller unit to match your unique specifications.

We can also provide additional parts and services if you wish to expand your chiller unit capacity, or if you want to make modifications. Whatever it is you need, you can reach out to us for your concerns and we can help you out.

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Geson Chiller manufactures all types of chiller systems – from standalone units to portable ones. We also have central chillers for large-scale use or high-rise buildings. We can even provide chiller systems for industrial processes or residential and office use.

We specialize in industrial and commercial chillers. Therefore, we can provide every type of chiller that you can imagine. We have air or water cooled chiller. We also offer different types of chillers based on the type of compressors used. We work closely with you to ensure that you have all of the components you need to achieve your desired cooling effect.

We also offer chillers at different cooling capacities. We manufacture chillers with cooling capacities ranging from 3 tons to 4500 tons. Our chillers can operate at a temperature of as low as -145 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. We offer a complete full product series to provide different solutions for different cooling requirements.

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Geson Chiller offers the highest quality chillers that can meet global quality standards. It is our goal to not only provide chiller solution for your needs, but also one that is superior in quality and safe.

How do we ensure superior quality? All of our chillers go through top quality control procedures. This is how we control the quality and safety of our products when used for various applications.

We have a team composed of professional R&D engineers along with professionals with manufacturing experience. Our team members work together to design and build the highest quality chillers for your processes. This is how we ensure that the chillers we manufacture are of the highest quality standard so you can get the best results from their use.

In addition, we employ the use of the highest quality parts for the components and rely on state-of-the-art technology and equipment. This is how we can guarantee the quality of our chiller systems from start to finish of the manufacturing process.

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Geson Chiller is recognized as one of the top chiller manufacturers in China and some parts of Asia. However, our chiller products are exported to various parts of the world.

Our expert team of chiller manufacturers can satisfy export-quality production to ensure that we cater to customers from all over the world. Our chillers have been exported to North and South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

Our global market reach continues to expand as we continue to gain global attention with our products. We strive to continually improve on the quality of the chillers we manufacture to suit the unique specifications of each industry we serve.

It is our aim to be recognized as the top and expert chiller manufacture in the world, and not just in China.

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Geson Chiller offers a wide range of chiller products to choose from. It is part of our commitment to become recognized as a one-stop solution for all your chiller needs. However, we can also customize our chiller solutions to suit your unique cooling requirements.

If, for whatever reason, our current range of chillers that we offer is unable to meet your specific requirements, feel free to reach out to us. Our team of expert engineers in chiller manufacturing can develop a unique design according to your desired cooling capacity, chiller size, and the specific type of cooling needed.

Our range of chillers can cater to a wide range of industries. The wide application of our chillers include commercial facilities, chemical industry, plastic injection, pharmaceutical, ice rink projects, computer server room, food and beverage processing, cold storage rooms, die casting, printing, laboratory equipment room, and more.

If you belong to any of these industries (or not), we can cater to your specific chiller needs. There is no build to big or small for us at Geson Chiller.

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automatic machine

Sheet Metal Bending Machine

Finned Heat Exchanger Welding Water Chiller Testing Labritary

No. Item Unit 100
1 Rated Cooling Capacity KW 249
2 Total Power KW 88.31
4 Refrigerant R410A
5 Condenser Efficient copper pipe and aluminum foil compact type finned heat exchanger
6 Fans power KW 7.8
7 Evaporator Evaporator Shell and tube type
Evaporator import and outlet diameter DN DN100
Chilled water flow rate m³/h 45
8 Water pump Chilled ater pump High efficiency, low noise, centrifugal pump
Chilled water pump power KW 5.5
Pump Lift mH2O 22
Water Flow Rate m³/h 50
9 Protection device Phase lack protection, phase reversion protection, overload current protection, exhaust temperature protection, low&high pressure protection, low-temperature protection.
10 Water tank capacity L 600
11 Power specification 3P-380V-50Hz
12 Size Length MM 3200
Width MM 2200
Height MM 2550
13 Weight KG 4150

Your Top Quality Air Chillers Manufacturer In China

Top Brand Components  
Ensure Your Top Quality Chiller

Top Quality Screw Compressor With Certificate

Adopts Famous Brand Compressor;
Semi-hermetic 5:6 Screw Compressor;
Compressor Energy Efficiency is 20%~30% Higher;
Available with R134A/R407C/R410A/R510A and etc.
40000 Hours of Trouble-free Operation
Screw Compressor has Approved ISO9001, CRAA、CE、PED、UL Certification;

Screw Compressor

Reliable Microcomputer Control System
PLC Programmable Controller
LCD Touch Controller
Automatic Detection of Cold Water Outlet Temperature;
Automatic Detection of Operating Conditions;
Automatically Record the Alarm and Send Trouble Alarm;
Can Realize Remote Control;
Reserve RS-485 Communication Interface, or Ethernet Port;
Customize Display Language: Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish;
PLC Programmable Controller
High-efficiency Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Low Maintenance Cost, Easy Operation;
Long Cleaning Cycle and Convenient Cleaning;
Fast Heat Exchange Speed;
High-Temperature Resistance 400℃;
High-Pressure Resistance 2.5Mpa;
Can be Used Under High Temperature and High Pressure
Adopts Copper Tube with Rolled Fins on the Outer Surface,
Which Has High Thermal Conductivity and Large Heat Exchange Area;
Long Service Life Up to More Than 20 Years;
Shell and Tube Heat Exchagner
Brand Refrigeration Components:
Famous Brand Expansion Valve;
Brand Filter Drier
Has Electronic Expansion Valve
Or Thermoexpension Valve
Ensure the Stable Operation of the Industrial Water Chiller Unit.
Expansion Valve
Top Quality Electrical Components:
Famous Brand A.C Contactor, Relay, Thermal Protector,
Brand Pressure Controller, Filter Drier to Ensure the Reliability of the Industrial Water Chiller Unit
AC Contactor
High-Efficiency Copper and Aluminum Fins Condenser:
Heat Transfer Performance is Good, Stable, Air Resistance is Small.
Enhance the Efficiency of the Heat Exchanging
High efficiency copper pipe and aluminum fins heat exchanger.


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Industrial Water Cooler, Industrial Watter Chiller System-Geson Chiller

An industrial water cooler is a specific type of cooling system for use in large-scale applications such as in showrooms, factories, and laboratories. There is a special focus on high cooling performance with this system.

If you are looking to invest in an industrial chiller such as this, make sure to take the time to learn about the key features and functions.

You can use the information below from the FAQs to help you choose the best global industrial water cooler manufacturers worth investing in.

What Is An Industrial Water Cooler?

An industrial water cooler is a type of industrial air water cooler

water chiller system that is built for high cooling performance. If you need efficient cooling for a large space, then this is your best option in the market.

This type of chiller unit comes with a large water tank that will ensure consistent flow of water through the system. An industrial water cooler needs to have enough water supply in order to sustain cooling for a specific period of time.

The size of the industrial water cooler enables it to cool a large area that can span from 1100 square feet to 2800 square feet. There are various sizes of the unit available so you can fit it into the cooling needs of each space.

Industrial Water Cooler

Industrial Water Cooler

How Does Industrial Water Cooling Works?

Industrial water cooling is the process of cooling a given space with the use of water as its main coolant. It is made with a large water tank that goes through a series of processes to generate cooled air.

It is one of the most sought-after models of chillers because of its capacity to cool a large space, such as during industrial applications.

It requires a consistent flow and maintenance of water level supply so it can also maintain the ideal cooling temperature. Without enough water supply, this can cause interference to the system.

When there is a lack of water supply, there would not be enough cooling to space. When the temperature goes down, it can affect other industrial processes.

A good source of water is one of the most important requirements when you install industrial chillers. This will help to regulate the ideal temperature within an industrial or commercial space.

Chiller Water System

Chiller Water System

What Is The Difference Between Industrial Water Cooler And Air Cooler?

An industrial water cooler utilizes a water source in order to generate cooling effect for a room. It is not to be confused with industrial air cooler.

The primary difference between the two types of chiller AC unit is the ability to deliver cooling effect to any given space and under various conditions.

Industrial Water Cooler

Industrial Water Cooler

A water cooled chiller system is the ideal solution when regulating temperature within an interior space during hot and humid conditions. The chilled water supply enables you to produce adequate amount of cooled air.

Aside from the use of a water source to generate cooling, it also uses compressors. The overall design and quality of the cooler is linked to the performance of the compressors.

Industrial Water Cooler Fan

Industrial Water Cooler Fan

On the other hand, an air cooled industrial cooler is made up of pipes. It does not rely on a water tank and a water source to generate heat exchange. It is known to deliver a more efficient way to cool.

Industrial Air Cooler

Industrial Air Cooler

What Are Industrial Air Coolers?

An industrial air cooler goes by many names. It is commonly referred to as commercial air coolers or heavy-duty coolers. Despite the name, its function remains the same and that is to cool large, commercial spaces.

Industrial air coolers are often used in cinemas, malls, restaurants, medical facilities, warehouses, shop floors, and factories. It offers an economical way to cool a large space given its high cooling capacity.

There are also several other types of industrial air coolers and they each have a specific function to perform in terms of efficiency and performance. In general, industrial air coolers can either be installed or portable versions.

Installed or mounted air coolers make less noise because the fan is located outside. However, they provide out of sight cooling and have higher efficiency.

On the other hand, portable air coolers are known for being easy to handle. They are not installed so you can move them to another location or wherever cooling is needed. They are cost-effective, too.

Air Cooler Diagram

Air Cooler Diagram

What Is An Industrial Water Cooling Tower For?

An industrial water cooling tower is one of the most important components that make up an industrial water cooler. They are large in size in order to produce reliable cooling effect to any large industrial and commercial space.

The purpose of the cooling towers is to remove the heat that is present in a circulating cooling water system. This helps to generate a steady flow of cool temperature that is vital in maintaining operations in a facility, warehouse, factory, power plants, and more.

Industrial Water Cooling Tower

Industrial Water Cooling Tower

How Does Evaporative Cooling Works?

When you are shopping for an industrial water cooler, you will often encounter the term evaporative cooling. It is important to know how it works so you can determine if it is a good fit for your intended use.

Evaporative cooling refers simply to the process of cooling water.

Think of it as that cool sensation on your skin as soon as you step out of the swimming pool. That is the premise of this cooling technology.

When the water evaporates, the temperature of the air particles that goes in contact with water is significantly reduced. This process is known as endothermic reaction.

This process water converts liquid into gas form. The air molecules present within a specific area significantly drops in terms of temperature level.

Many industrial water coolers use the evaporative cooling units method as its cooling principle. The cooling fan is composed of three components: water, wetted surface, and a pump.

The pump collects air particles from the water to lower its water temperature. Meanwhile, the pump is powered by a mechanical control system found within the cooler machine.

The fan is the final component of the process. It is responsible for distributing the cooled air into the environment.

Industrial Air Water Cooler For Pharmaceutical Process Cooling

Industrial Air Water Cooler For Pharmaceutical Process Cooling

How Much Water Is Needed In An Industrial Water Cooler?

When investing in a water chiller unit, one of the first things you might be curious to know is this: how much water is needed?

The amount of water necessary to operate an industrial water cooler will vary significantly based on a few factors.

The first factor is the size of the unit. Smaller units will require less water to operate and larger units will require more, obviously.

When choosing what size of unit to get, it is important to determine your water source, too. Make sure you have adequate supply from your water source to keep the unit running efficiently.

The next factor that will determine the amount of water needed for an industrial water cooler to work is the amount of heat and humidity in the environment. When the environment is dry, the unit will use up more water to generate cooling.

Industrial Cooler For Beer

Industrial Cooler For Beer

The use of the drain valves is also another factor that can impact the amount of water that is used. A drain valve functions by draining out recycled water from the unit.

It is important for the recycled water to be drained out so that it won’t collect mineral deposits over time. If it does, it can cause damage to the entire unit.

A continuous draining system can lead to as much as 50% more water use. But if you don’t drain it too often, you can reduce your water usage by up to 10%.

If you have limited access to water, it might be a good idea to re-evaluate how you use your drain valves. Simply put, you need to reduce the amount of times you drain the recycled water from the unit.

Otherwise, it would be fine to regularly drain the water from the unit in order to prevent any corrosion or mineral deposits that can cause damage over time. When the unit is damaged, it can shorten the life span of the industrial water cooler system.

Chiller For Injection Molding

Chiller For Injection Molding

How to Choose Industrial Water Cooler?

There are several factors to consider when buying an industrial water cooler. First and foremost, you need to evaluate the chiller supplier. Make sure that it is a reputable company with a good track record and standing in the industry.

By choosing the best manufacturer and supplier, you make your job easy in finding the right system for your needs. This is how you can guarantee the quality of the system that you can get.

It is also important to evaluate the intended application for the industrial cooler. There are several possible applications range for a cooler system such as in manufacturing plants, warehouses, factories, hangars, construction sites, workshops, and more.

Industrial Water Cooler Application

Industrial Water Cooler Application

Depending on where you intend to use the industrial water cooler, you need to choose a different model. Each of the aforementioned applications has different requirements when it comes to the cooling performance and you need to match that with the system you get.

There are also two types of industrial coolers to choose from: portable and installed. An industrial portable water cooler is ideal for commercial uses such as warehouses and garage. It is also recommended for outdoor areas such as patios.

On the other hand, an installed industrial evaporative water cooler is designed for commercial and industrial use. It is designed to displace warm air to the outside in order to maintain ideal temperature in a given space.



What Features To Look For In An Industrial Water Cooler?

If you are shopping for an industrial water cooler, it is important to look at the features that are available. This will enable you to maximize the functionality and performance of the chiller cooling system.

The type of compressor is the primary feature to consider when buying an industrial water cooler. Make sure it is manufactured with high quality to ensure that it has a low noise performance, durable, and energy-efficient.

The electrical components need to be checked, too, when comparing water chiller manufacturers of industrial water cooler. It must be stable and have a long service life.

screw compressor

Screw Compressor

The water pump is the next essential feature to compare when buying a cooler system. It must be able to generate sufficient flow for non-stop cooling. The pump must be designed for high efficiency, too.

Accurate temperature control and settings are also vital when you invest in industrial water cooler for sale. It should give you full control with LCD display to ensure accurate reading of temperature at any given time.

The water tank in use must also be looked into when shopping for an industrial chiller. Ideally, the water tank must be made of stainless steel to ensure that it would be easy to maintain and clean.

As for the condenser, your industrial water cooler must come with a shell and tube condenser. This type of material and design will facilitate a more efficient heat exchange so you can get the maximum cooling effect.

Finally, choose industrial water chiller manufacturers that use environmentally-friendly refrigerants. You will be able to achieve optimum cooling while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Scroll Compressor

Scroll Compressor

Are Industrial Water Coolers Worth It?

If you are looking for a cooling solution for a large space such as industrial and commercial spaces, then an industrial water cooler is definitely a good investment.

To get the best value out of your investment, it is important to choose the right industrial size water cooler of the system and cooling capacity. This will enable you to achieve the desired temperature and to perform your basic functions with ease.

Air Cooled Water Chiller

Air Cooled Water Chiller

There are several industrial water chiller manufacturers and it is important to evaluate each of your options. The quality of your cooler system will also depend on who and where they are manufactured.

Take time to research the manufacturers available in your area or online so you can determine the reputation of the said company. In fact, you need to look at the feedback from previous clients or check for a certificate of quality.

Industrial water Cooler Design

Industrial water Cooler Design

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