GESON Customized Explosion-Proof Chiller Unit Acquires Large-scale Chemical Projects to Safeguard Production Safety 


▼Why should chemical plants use explosion-proof Chiller Unit? ▼ 


In important industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical, coal, textile, food processing, and military industries, because of the possible presence of flammable and explosive gases at their production sites, the production equipment used in these sites may detonate explosive gases if electric sparks or high temperatures are present. , Resulting in an explosion accident, which will have serious consequences such as casualties, damage to plant and equipment. 

Therefore, electrical equipment used in explosive gas environments must be explosion-proofed and certified accordingly. Explosion-proof air conditioners Chiller Unit are air conditioners that can be used in explosive gas environments. 


▼ “Remedy” for chemical plants ▼ 


Compared with other traditional industries, chemical companies have special requirements for explosion-proof safety. Recently, GESON won the bid for a well-known chemical company in Jiangsu Province to customize the explosion-proof cooling system for its workshop, using an air-cooled screw chiller with explosion-proof function. 


The company currently mainly develops and develops a new generation of excellent cold-carrying heat transfer media, including industrial antifreeze, central air-conditioning antifreeze, air-conditioning pipeline antifreeze, solar antifreeze, automotive antifreeze, and environmentally friendly materials. As the main raw material for the production of antifreeze, ethylene glycol is a flammable, low-toxic and dangerous substance, which has the characteristics of flammability, explosion, corrosion, and toxicity. Therefore, in the process of antifreeze production, the explosion-proof requirements for air-conditioning units are very strict. GESON engineers field visits and combined with customer needs, high-efficiency refrigeration units that meet safety requirements for customers. 


▼Anti-explosion Chiller Unit▼ 

Explosion-proof air-conditioning bases on the ordinary air-conditioning, through the explosion-proof design of the structure and electrical, so that it can be used in explosive gas environments, and will not cause gas explosion due to electric sparks and high temperature generated by the air-conditioning itself. It mainly controls the surface temperature and electric spark of the air conditioner so that it does not become an ignition source of explosive gas, thereby avoiding the occurrence of explosion. 


▼National Quality Certification ▼ 


GESON explosion-proof air-cooled screw chiller is based on the standard chiller, and it adopts specific explosion-proof measures to prevent electrical equipment from igniting the surrounding explosive gas environment. The explosion-proof unit is an overall explosion-proof system. In addition to considering the explosion-proof performance of all electrical components, the explosion-proof performance of the unit must also consider whether the overall explosion-proof performance of the unit meets the standard requirements. 

The performance of GESON explosion-proof chiller has passed the professional test of the national-level detection system, and complies with the EXDIIBT4 explosion-proof standard,  GB / T 18430.1-2007 “Vapor compression cycle cold water (heat pump) unit. Part 1: Industrial or commercial and similar purposes cold water (heat pump ) Unit “, other standards; the explosion-proof performance of the unit meets the relevant provisions of standards, such as GB3836-2000” Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments “, and IEC60079-1991” Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environments “. The unit passed the explosion-proof personnel and customer site at the same time. 


▼ Ingenuity and Quality ▼ 


In the unit itself, GESON has also continued its ingenuity. 

  • Adopting advanced twin-screw compressor and sound insulation treatment, the compressor not only meets the explosion-proof requirements, but also is efficient and reliable; the patented V-shaped structure can save more than 15% of energy and help customers shorten the project payback period.
  • High-efficiency 5: 6 patented asymmetric rotary tooth profile, better performance.
  • The capacity control can adopt multi-stage adjustment or stepless adjustment, with mature technology, stable performance and effective energy saving.
  • A variety of refrigerants can be selected. Including R134a, R407c and other environmentally friendly refrigerants, it destroys the ozone layer.
  • Selection of high-quality explosion-proof electrical control system and explosion-proof electrical accessories can protect the unit from other interference and work safely and stably.
  • The cabinet design complies with the IP55 rain and dustproof standard. The product can be modularized and customized to achieve multiple parallel centralized control to meet customer demand loads.


For various occasions, GESON customizes different system solutions for customers, and carries out special design and transformation of the unit to meet customers’ related requirements for air conditioning.