What is the chilled water, cooling water, condensed water? The main unit of the central air conditioner, include a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, and a throttle valve.

The compressor provides energy.The condenser reduces the temperature of the refrigerant coming out of the compressor. The medium is water. This water is cooling water. It is connected to the cooling tower.

The evaporator absorbs heat by the evaporation of refrigerant, and the water flowing through the evaporator is frozen water. After the frozen water is absorbed by the heat, the temperature is reduced, and the cold air is blown into the room by the air-conditioning unit to reduce the temperature.

Compared with home application air conditioners, indoor units are evaporators, and outdoor units are condensers, but the households are cooled by the wind, and the central air conditioner is the water that flows through the evaporator and then exchanges heat indoors.